Profil: 13.07.2013
Alter: 49
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Gewicht:98 kg
Stadt (Ort):Mansfield
Kinder:Sohn 13 Jahre
Bekanntschaftszweck:Ehe, dauerhafte Bezieung
Fremdsprachenkenntnisse:Englisch -fließend, Deutsch -grund Kenntnisse
Persönliche Eigenschaften:vernünftig, feinfühlend, optimistisch, romantisch
Hobby:Kino, Kochen, Reisen, Kunst
Ich treibe Sport:Schwimmen, Fitness, Tennis, Gymnastik, Joggen
Noch über mich:

actually ... , but I look and feel about ... . God has blessed me tremendously, and I feel like life is really just getting started. looking for the one He has for me to share it with. an optimistic, upbeat sort of person who believes the best is yet to come. I have a good (sometimes sarcastic) sense of humor, but can be serious if I have to. reasonably organized-my budget and financial plans are laid out in an Excel spreadsheet. I am a person who is ambitious, optimistic, playful, hard working, devoted, intelligent, trusting, genuine, honest, sincere, witty and easy going. very passionate in all areas of my life. I am very responsible and try to eat right, workout and live a healthy life. I stay active and have a good time doing it. Great communication is a must, I cannot express that enough. I have strong family values and morals I am very involved, I honor my commitments, enjoy being a devoted father or even a family man.

Gewünschtes Alter meines Partners:von  38  bis  60
Über meinen Partner:

What I look for first is having a friendship, trust, and a physical attraction. I believe in a healthy relationship, we should compliment and inspire each other and be each others best friend and the relationship has realistic expectations and open communication. I value honesty and trust. what all about and if you have them, you have anything. I think important to understand and accept each others strengths and weaknesses. It is important to have passion, romance, physical attraction, a playful attitude, with lots of laughter.

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